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Chopped Liver – The Sound Of Silence

September 28, 2010



Chopped Liver – Oh, D’yknow

September 27, 2010

Next month sees the release of a deluxe version of the classic Dexys’ album Searching For The Young Soul Rebels. I remember the excitement when it first came out – hadn’t heard anything like it before – still haven’t. I studied the sleeve and copious notes – great front cover pic of a young boy carrying a suitcase (life’s belongings?) from the sectarian troubles of Northern Ireland and inside, detailed descriptions of all the songs.

oh for gawdsakes, Burn It Down

I even remember the chutzpah they had when they explained one of them. I think it was The Teams That meet In Caffs. The way albums were constructed in those days – 1980 – you had a pattern to them – like BIG opening one or two songs to open the side, then a bit of respite before climaxing with the big build up towards the end.

Now, on that debut Dexys album, all the tracks were brilliant – even the little respite one. But just in case you were under any illusion that it should be taken seriously they described it thus:-


Honestly, if most of bands could write a tune that good they would be well satisfied – Kevin Rowland was happy just to tell you it was a throwaway filler to enable you to get your breath back.

Next time I sit in front of my laptop seeking inspiration to write my day’s post – I may just resort to – “Filler”

Dexys were the victims of their own ambitions – they would never repeat a formula – no matter how successful it was. They followed their soul debut with the ramshackle Celtic sounds that produced the world wide smash hit Come on Eileen and then proceeded on their road of self destruction with some bizarre decisions that alienated even their most loyal of fans.

Sadly they will always be remembered for one and a half songs (Geno, anyone?) – but d’yknow, one time they coulda beeyen tha champyons of tha wurrrlllll!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
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