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Chopped Liver – The Itch Is Back

June 20, 2011

The man finally came yesterday.

He squeezed some gunk out of my scar. It was painful. So he gave up.

He said it should heal in due course – leave it a week, see how it goes. Not really sure if it was a hematoma or an infection from one of the inner stitches. I didn’t even know I had inner stitches.

I think it’s starting to heal now. It’s still oozing a bit, y’unnerstan’ – but that’s just for the goremongers – but my goodness has it started to itch.

I can itch, I can Itch, oh the Itch is back

Sharp raw itch. Desperate to scratch – but too tender to even touch.

I see that as a good sign. Itching means healing.

Oh, I was recently in Eltham and I needed the toilet. So I went to a public one in the street – it was the Eltham John.


Chopped Liver – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

February 19, 2011

There are various things happening right now. Some good some not so good and some that I don’t know. Unfortunately it is the stuff that I don’t know that is the most important.

You see I am feeling a lot stronger mentally and physically. I am eating well but my movement is still being hampered by fluid retention. That will pass.

The low-life form that had been in the bed opposite and made my every minute of existence a chore simply upped and left (something I said?).

But the big thing is that we are in a critical time in the body’s fight against the alien tissue in its midst. There is a battle going on in my body – which will either lead to rejection or acceptance.

Or neither clearcut. My medication is being tweaked constantly by the consultants in an effort to strike the right balance for the body to naturally accept the new liver. Should this fail, then a biopsy will be performed on Monday to determine next course of action.

It’s all out of my control – if I could help it along then of course I would but there’s nowt I can do.

Except keep positive.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support.

Chopped Liver – I’m Still Standing

January 30, 2011

When B read yesterday’s post about her leaving me standing in the V&A tea room, she said “Is it too late to change it, ‘cos I’ve got a better song title for you?”

Eh… yeah… right… sure you have – I don’t think!

She said – what about I’m Still Standing?

Well, now you mention it – I think you may be right – that would have been better. Still I can always use it tomorrow as I have a story about that song.

I was working at the Milk Marketing Board in Thames Ditton, Surrey in the mid 80’s when that song came out. It was my first proper job – as a computer programmer. If I was more accurate I would say – as a fraudster as I spent many years moving from one level of incompetence in the I.T. world to the next – salaries rising so much then that I simply couldn’t afford to get out.

There were a few of us taken on as trainee programmers at that time at the Board, and we used have a laugh – bit of banter.

One particular day – it was towards the end of the day – a few of us were laughing and joking and making general merriment – and all of a sudden I found myself bursting into song.

The song I burst into was none other than the aforementioned – which was unfortunate as it is sung in a high falsetto and to reach the high notes you really had to bellow it out – really project those vocal chords – as any professional singer is taught. Which I’m not.

Some minutes later the “Big Cheese” came stomping down the corridor asking who was the owner of the screeching noise. He was pointed in my direction.

Listen son, if your programming was half as good as your singing then you’ll do ok here – but unfortunately it’s not. So if you want to come in again tomorrow, then stop the racket!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps