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Chopped Liver – The Israelites

January 28, 2011

Politics and sport – never easy bed-fellows.

Usually the problem lies with the feelings of one nation boycotting some tournament or other as it wants to make a political statement.

But, there are a couple of events on the horizon that are certainly going to throw the cat out of the window – hang on that cannot be the expression – something to do with cats and pigeons more like.

We all know that Qatar have been awarded (I use that phrase advisedly) the 2022 Football World Cup. So what does a nation like Israel – well, in fact, let’s say what does Israel do about that?

Easy really. They either don’t qualify for the finals so it is not an issue (easily arranged), or they do qualify and they can go or not go – up to them.

But now what’s happened is that Israel – as in the country – has been awarded the Under 21’s football tournament in June 2013. This is a very prestiguous event – showcasing the stars of the future and televised live around the world.

Now, with football being such a global sport, there will be many footballers scheduled to appear for their countries who will either not want to appear at all for political reasons, or, more likely, they will not be allowed to appear by order of their respective countries’ leaders.

Any participants who do appear against the will of their homelands may be subject to – whatever sanctions imposed by their own countries either lawfully or unlawfully. Egyptians seeking political asylum in Israel – anyone?

Some under 21’s with no political agenda

I applaud UEFA, football’s European governing body, in ignoring politics and offering the event to a nation as worthy of hosting such an event as Qatar will be in 2022. And I see this as a watershed for the region.

If quarrelling nations can put aside their differences for the good of sport then what a result that would be – Brian.

Football is often referred to as the great leveller – well, it will soon be put to its sternest test.

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Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.</a


Chopped Liver – Hold Your Head Up

September 3, 2010

My dentist told me he went to the World Cup… sort of. Let’s just say he had a presence at the World Cup.

It’s a neat little story this one.

One of his patients is a professional footballer – used to play for a Norf Lannin’ club. Ghanaian international. Played a couple of games in the tourney, then well… here’s what happened.

He broke a tooth.

Now my dentist is a very professional character – top dentist – top guy – and not prone to answering his mobile phone when he has a patient. Except on this occasion. He happened to glance at the phone and recognised who it was and knew he was at the World Cup in South Africa. So, as he was on good terms with the patient he was treating at the time, he asked if he could answer the call.

The footballer explained that he was in agony and asked for an urgent appointment as soon as he returned to the UK. This shows how good my dentist is – that the footballer was prepared to stay in pain (or was it South Africa?) to see him rather than see a local dentist.

Anyway, the following day, Ghana are playing their next game. Our friend, the footballer, is not in the starting lineup – but is on the bench. And the camera pans round to show the subs, 1st one head held high, 2nd one head high with pride – happy to be there, next up, is our man… head slumped, ice-filled towel held tightly against his cheek.

And my dentist knows something no-one else in the country knows – that’s my boy… that’s my tooth… and it is waiting for me!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.