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Chopped Liver – Night Nurse

March 4, 2011

Day One of my freedom following yesterday’s Great Escape. Y’know, it seems to be harder than I thought to convey intonation and variances of pitch in the one-dimensional world of written script.

I was very proud of my post yesterday – with all the “doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo” – and in my endeavours to point the reader in the direction I was facing, I even called the Post The Great Escape. But so far, everyone I have spoken to has words to the effect of – great you’re home but what was all that doo doo doo nonsense in your blog?

They just didn’t get my attempt at playing The Great Escape theme tune under the text – and that makes me so mad. Y’know it makes me wanna climb back over that wall and stay where I am more appreciated!

Not really.

But what did freak me out today was around mid-morning when I noticed that my wound dressing had come completely away. This is not good. In fact it’s bad.

I phone the hospital, they said to contact my GP to get a District Nurse sent out. This I did, and they faxed at around midday.

I spent all afternoon worrying about this open gaping wound preparing itself for some juicy infection to seriously impact my progress.

You gotta understand, for most people, well, all people, having an open wound is open to infection – but for me, as I am taking heavy doses of immuno-suppressant drugs, I actually dont have the power to fight off any infection at all – I need to be very careful. Lying around in one’s front room with an exposed gaping is not the textbook way to do this.

I got a phone call at 6pm from the District Nurse saying someone will be out in the morning. I said I cant wait. She said well, we are on weekend now is it urgent? I said you bet it is. Ok, I’ll come now.

The very nice woman came at 7:15 and took one look at me wound and practically shrieked – Oh thank goodness I came – this has to be attended to immediately.

I think I may have got away with it, you know – but I’ll never know how lucky I may have been.

Right, time to climb back on the tightrope.


Chopped Liver – Cool Ruler

October 25, 2010

This blog is becoming more of an homage to musicians I have followed and cherished over the years who are passing away one after the other. So, another day, another iconic singer/songwriter moves on – Gregory Isaacs, known as the Cool Ruler, who recorded over 500 albums!

Ok, they couldn’t have all been that good. And there’s surely nobody out there who could have heard them all – at least once, never mind the “growers”, and lived to tell the tale. Let’s face it, he died at the age of 59 (from lung cancer, natch!) – let’s say he recorded his first album at 18 – his last was 2 years ago – so that’s 500 albums in 40 years. 50 every 4 years. 12-ish a year. 1 a month. Add to that all the touring. Maybe a holiday or two in there somewhere? Skeggy for a weekend? How about sleeping, eating, pooing and a bit of sex now and again – he was, a bit of a ladies’ man – look what do I know? You do the Mathfthfthfth.

Anyway, his biggest hit, you may know, was Night Nurse. Covered by various British pseudo-reggae garb like UB40 and Simpurley Red – and used to advertise a cure for the common cold – called something very similar indeed to … Night Nurse.

Ah, now I see a pattern evolving – 500 albums in 40 years? Cure for the common cold? He was probably Santa Claus in his spare time.

And talking of cures – I am feeling back to abnormal again. Thanks to Ciproxin? Or just coincidence? It’s just nice to be doing normal things again – like eating my wife’s gorgeous cooking.

And it’s nice to not be the one who’s bringing down the tone of those around me – I was beginning to be like one of those sacks of potatoes I go on about, lying around the house being tripped over by anyone who moved.


But no more – I am now a crispy plate of chips with lashings of salt and vinegar – and all out of a paper bag!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.