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Chopped Liver – Trigger Cut

April 26, 2011

Today is the day after the day before. Regular readers will know that the day before was a bit on the negative side and with lots to discuss at the following day’s clinic appointment.

Well, today is the following day and as I trudged ever so slowly and painfully to the tube station to ride the 4 stops needed to get me to the hospital firstly for my blood tests and subsequently for my clinic appointment.

Things to discuss:- The date for my ERCP to finally remove THAT attachment; the constant pain from my wound; the dosage of my current medication and, finally, the state of my new liver and the arteries transporting the blood to it.

The results. The ERCP has apparently been booked for 2 weeks time.

The doc managed to arrange an impromptu Ultrasound examination for me this very day. So I went down to the department, waited five minutes and was seen by consultants who managed to weave their way around my wound dressing and deduce that all the arteries had blood flowing nicely through them and everything looked exactly as a healthy liver should – and on top of that good news, there was nothing apparent to cause the pain I have been experiencing.

By the way, as you may have picked up from my Tweets, I was very proud of myself for resisting the temptation to ask the Ultrasound consultant if it was a boy or a girl. It was a close call, but I made it.

I did bump into Smiler, my pre-transplant consultant who I rarely see these days. He asked me how things were going. I took the opportunity not to talk about the pros and cons of Blackberrys or i-Phones, but to tell him that I felt great – except for this constant pain in my wound. “Ah yes, you can expect that for the first year or so”. So, there you have it. I have to just grin and bear it for the next few days, weeks or months and stop being, as I suggested some time ago, a wimp.

So all in all – a very successful day.

Till I got home.

I got a call from the Haemophilia Centre. They just received my blood results and they have called me in an emergency, informing me that my INR level has shot up to 6.0. To put this in perspective, last week it was at 1.6. A few weeks ago it had reached 4.9 prompting the cancellation of my first attempt at having an ERCP due to my blood being dangerously thin.

When it is 6.0, the bottom line is simply this – I must NOT cut myself. If I cut myself I must go straight to casualty.

I must stop taking Warfarin for the next couple of days and return to the hospital on Thursday for another blood test.

To say the least, this has put the willies up me (whatever that means – I think it means that this is all a tad on the scary side).

I better make sure I don’t pick my nose!