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Chopped Liver – Play It Again, Eric

February 21, 2013

It seems appropriate for me, having followed the story of Barcelona footballer Eric Abidal in this blog, to bring you the truly amazing news that Eric is now fit and able to play again.

Here is the statement:-

Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has been cleared to play after almost a year out to undergo a liver transplant. “After this morning’s training session Eric Abidal has received the welcome news that he has the medical all-clear and is therefore available to the team for the final part of the season,” Barca said in a statement on their website.

Not only just play again – but we are talking about playing at the very highest level, for the very best team the world has ever seen.

kevin ayers

Kevin Ayers – whatevershebringswesing

There is hope for me yet! I always wanted to play for Barcelona.

If he plays enough games between now and the end of the season, he could get a league winners medal – as Barca will win the league this year – I ask the question: Should Eric’s brother get a winner’s medal too? After all, they used his liver to keep him alive, so stands to reason in my book.

On a sadder and unrelated note, I note the passing yesterday of Kevin Ayers – eccentric English musician of 60’s band Soft Machine and numerous solo albums and collaborations. He was very much a part of my growing up – especially his album “whatevershebringswesing”.

As for me, whateverhesangibought.

RIP Kevin Ayers.



Chopped Liver – My Perfect Cousin

April 11, 2012

A few reasons for writing this blog. 1) I haven’t written for a while – on account of my stunning good health. Every day someone says to me I look better and better each day – funny that, they never told me I looked crap before!

Another reason is I just couldn’t let this day go by without making use of that song title – and who is the perfect cousin in question you may ask?

eric abidal

Eric Abidal - the body beautiful. Now scarred - with the marks of life, history and heroism

You may.

The answer is -well, I don’t know his name but – I do know he is Eric Abidal’s cousin. Eric Abidal, you may recall is the French international player, in Barcelona, who was told he had to undergo a liver transplant – and I happened to wonder just how long someone of that standing would have to wait for a donation. I should perhaps have not been so cynical (if indeed I was) as the news comes through today that he underwent the transplant just last night with a liver (or part thereof) donated by his cousin.

Now, I ask you to consider this if you will. The liver transplant is a major operation. Imagine offering to go through that – with all the risks involved, both during and post operation just to help out someone else – family member or not. I think it’s heroic.

So, I call on you today to say a little prayer – however you believe, however you pray – for Eric Abidal’s cousin and for Eric Abidal himself – and to send a message out to the world that humanity still offers up feats of greatness.

Chopped Liver – Best Intentions

March 15, 2012

I have just found today that the great French footballer, Eric Abidal, who plays for the best club team in the world (yes indeed, Real fans), Barcelona, is to undergo a liver transplant.

I was aware he had a tumour a year or so ago, had an operation, but magically returned to help Barcelona lift the European Cup last year.

But obviously, the signs are still there and transplant is the only option.

He is expected to undergo the operation in a few weeks. Presumably (or not) the seriousness of his condition puts him at the top of the list and has nothing to do with the enormous amount of cash he has. Staggeringly, they are reporting that this has put his participation at the forthcoming European Championships in doubt.

Eh, I’ll say. 

They start in June – it would be truly wonderful if he could be ready to play a part in the tournament given that it will likely be less than 3 months since his operation – then you’ll all accuse me of making a mountain out of a molehill in the pages of this blog.

But I do so hope he makes it. I hope he makes it through the operation. And I hope he makes it through to be able to play professional football at the top flight again – that would be a truly remarkable achievement and would give this footballer a chance to raise awareness for the cause of liver disease around the world – and the corresponding urgent need for voluntary donors for transplantation.

Ironic isn’t it that a footballer could have such an influence in this field – given that the one man in history who has done so much damage to the cause of liver transplants was also a footballer – George Best.

Such a high profile figure he was. Arguably the most famous footballer ever – yet he was as famous for his alcohol abuse as much as his football. Famous for (allegedly) jumping the queue to receive a liver transplant caused by his alcohol abuse, and then (allegedly) went on to abuse his new liver leading to his untimely death.

The effect of his actions led people then, and now, to believe that giving money to a liver charity was a pointless activity, as it was only going to help people who do not want to help themselves and who bring the disease upon themselves.

Wasn’t the case with me.

Isn’t the case with many.

Certainly not the case with Eric Abidal.

I wish you all the very best, Eric, for a successful operation and a return to greatness – and I hope you will do what you can to show that a footballer can create a more positive awareness for liver disease around the world.



wish you well, eric abidal

Chopped Liver – Paperback Writer

February 23, 2012

I am buzzing.

Two bits of good news this week.

I had my liver checkup at the Royal Free. Everything looks pretty much ok except for a bit of Vitamin D deficiency – which I have probably cured by basking in the barmy sunny February weather (don’t tell the doc – I’m not supposed to bask in the sun, but hey, it is still February).

And he said to come in … 4 months!!

Now that is good – either that or he cant be bear my sense of humour for another 4 months.

The next bit is – WE ARE AN AUTHOR – as Maggie would have said.

My Book Cover for Amazon Kindle's Liver Transplant Diary

That's Liver Transplant Diary to them... Chopped Liver to you!

Y’see I have taken the best bits out of all these blogs and put them together to make a book (cries from the back – that’ll be 3 paragraphs then), and I have got myself a luuverly front cover, and I have published it on Amazon Kindle – just like that!

And I feel good about that. Not necessarily that I think anyone will buy it (£3.24 after all), but just that after all the effort and all the relevant content, it is out there for someone – someone may be in a similar situation and may find it and get some comfort from it – who knows.

Oh, and guess what… I have not called it Chopped Liver. Strange maybe, but I did it for SEO reasons – more people would be searching for liver transplant than chopped liver, that’s if they were looking for something about liver transplants rather then something you eat on a cracker. So I called it Liver Transplant Diary – and look – you can see it here.

Anyway, I am glad it’s out there.

One thing, though, please… if you meet anyone desperate to buy it – don’t tell them the ending!

(Oh no, look it’s got that same old photo again with the cream jacket… so last season)


Chopped Liver – It’s All Over Now

June 15, 2011

Today was a landmark day. In truth, I’ve had many landmark days this year, but I particularly like this one.

You may recall the saga of my T-tube (bile-bag) which simply didn’t want to come out despite multiple attempts. Well, as you know it finally gave up the battle a month ago, although not without a fight – and that fight resulted in me spending a day in casualty followed by 4 days as an inpatient.

All that as a result of complications following an endoscopy. In that endoscopy, the doc inserted a stent to effectively seal the area around my liver that produces the bile. And that stent had to be removed a month later by another endoscopy procedure. Well that event was today.

I was getting so blase about these procedures that I barely told anyone beforehand that I was having it – my mum still doesn’t know that I was due to have or even, as yet, that I have had it. And so it was today that I turned up for the main event.

Nurse came to administer the trusty cannula – I was even getting a bit blase about that too – but that soon dissipated as she struggled to find a vein that would receive the needle. I told her where to stick it – if you get my meaning – and she succumbed and in it went. I was expecting to be so sedated during the procedure that I would feel a thing, but as it turned out I was conscious of me wretching throughout the procedure, which, in truth, lasted only a few minutes.

I really don’t know what they do with this probe they stick down me – how exactly they insert and remove stents etc, but they do do it – and today they did do it.

I came home afterwards, and crashed out on the bed – for a good 4 hours – but now i am in the realisation that, for all intents and purposed, that is it!

My liver transplant is finally complete.

I think that’s worth repeating.

My liver transplant is finally complete.

I have no alien parts sticking in, sticking out – except of course my new liver, which so far I have formed a beautiful relationship with.

So, save for the mountain of drugs that I still have to take, I am effectively done.

Close the book.

Close the blog?

I like the blog. We’ll see.

Chopped Liver – Seven Days

February 15, 2011

I’ll be brief.

It’s been a week now since I got the call and was on my to the ‘ossy. That means I’ve had my new liver for seven days. That’s more Bob’s Seven Days than Dexy’s Seven Days Too Long.

It’s been interestering so far – many things I’ve seen and felt and heard (and eaten) – but so much for the other patients for now.
I have had much to be optimistic about – progress apart from one traumatic episode and a new organ rejection issue to deal with.

I am in good hands.

Very tired after many mental and physical challenges these last few days – but looking forward to another new day tomorrow.

No time tonight to thank you all for you precious messages by phone, email, text, tweets and statuses except a special mention to my most precious of all visitors who to see me today – my wee boy – wee D – he was a tonic.

Love you wee boy xx

My wife and bro’ also came – they are the only visitors I have requested thus far.

Good night from me.

Chopped Liver – Top Of The Pops II

January 13, 2011

Well, I’ve had my appointment today. Things are more clearcut now.

Certain decisions that had to be made – HAVE BEEN MADE. Rightly or wrongly we can close this chapter and move on.

I have to confess I found it a bit surprising, but there you go, but there you go, I made my case – and I rest my case.

Smiler has finally upgraded his phone.

To a Motorola.

Regular readers of this tome may recall that the decision appeared to be between the iPhone and the Blackberry. Based on my knowledge of the user, I recommended the Blackberry – good for emails, good keyboard and generally all round good performer – if lacking the sexiness of the iPhone.

Alternatively he could’ve gone for the Android htc Desire. Reports I’ve heard rate it even higher than the iPhone although it is initially complex to set up.

But a Motorola? Eh, Hello Moto? Are you listening? Earth here. And this is the guy who’s hands I am putting my vital organs in. Is he of sound mind? To be honest, I know nothing of the Motorola so I can’t make the judgement call. He is happy with it – and if he is happy, then I am happy.

On another issue, I had a long chat with Kate, the liver transplant co-ordinator. She is very good, y’know. I bet she doesn’t own a Motorola.

The bottom line is – I am Top of the List. However there have not been any any suitable livers available – I suppose that is a good thing for the owners of potential livers – it kinda means they still need theirs – so let’s drink to that. (Fruit Juice for me, please)

But as my condition is so complex – for that read, I am so fucked up, that they will only transplant a perfect liver into me. Whereas they make take a chance with a fatty liver for someone with a single known condition – with me and my spleen, intestine, portal vein thrombosis, oesophagus, gallbladder, blood etc, they have to wait for a perfect liver.

Now then Guys n Gals - guess who's Top of the List?

Which is ok.

Unless the thrombosis worsens and blocks the portal vein altogether – that wouldn’t be too good – so they need to keep monitoring that.

As you know, I have stayed within two hours of the hospital pretty much every day since last March – apart from attending my father’s funeral – but I have sometimes wondered if I was being a little bit over-excessive in that regard – but today’s chat with Kate proved to me that this was not the case, and should not be the case – it is of paramount importance that I continue to stay close to the hospital – I simply cannot afford to miss the next available perfect match – the one after that could just be many more months later.

And do I feel any different after the appointment, and subsequent chat?

‘Course I do.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps