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Chopped Liver – Rust Never Sleeps

April 16, 2011

Been so lucky with the weather – here am I sitting out in the park again in April – this just does not happen. But the great thing about today is the cloud cover so I ain’t gonna burn.

Although I have heard it said that it’s better to burn than it is to fade – but let’s not go there.

Still constricted by the wound pain. Apart from that all is good.

I got a call yesterday from the hosp saying that my latest results have shown that the CMV virus is negative again so I can stop taking the medication for that – this is a relief as I had stopped taking it ten days ago!

I must be getting better – the signs are all there – clinic appts are positive and will probably start to be less frequent after this week, my drugs are slowly reducing in dosage, even my district nurse has given me the weekend off!

Nobody wants to see me anymore.

Ah, but I still have my little attachment – HA! Can’t get rid of me that easily – watcha got planned for that? Still time for for goremongers to get interested I fear.


Chopped Liver – Ordinary People

March 15, 2011

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was a VIP. I was on a list. I was top of the list.

But y’know, it takes much less time to slide down – and off – than it does to reach the summit in the first place.

Now, I am neither top of the list, nor anywhere on the list. I am simply an ordinary post-liver transplant patient turning up for his outpatient appointment at the clinic.

Except today I wasn’t even that.

I wasn’t even on the list to be seen.

I had thought that with this being only my second outpatient appointment that I would be automtaically on the list – but apparently not. I had to have made myself an appointment the week before to be seen today.

So my notes were not available – but I had some questions for the doc.

Thank Goodness theyre such nice peeps and @drobeirne invited me in to field my questions, check my latests bloods, talk about The Fall and told me how well I am doing. Thanks for that.

I had time too for a massage. I’ve been having these back spasms from time to time – too long spent lying down in the hospital. So I had the message – but I still ache. I need to get out walking more and more each day.

I await the results of today’s bloods – especially the status of my CMV virus which I hope the drugs have started to negate – we’ll see…. couple of days for that.

Chopped Liver – Transformer Man

November 3, 2010

Well I dreamed I saw the dogs in armour coming...

(It’s a Neil Young song – from his “vocoder” era).

What? You mean you don’t know Neil Young’s Vocoder era? Shame on You. There’s a neat little story that goes with this – I don’t even know if it’s true or not – but, hey hey my my – why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Neil had all his success on the Warner Bros. / Reprise label. But there was a dispute or whatever – anyway David Geffen came along and allegedly used his not inconsiderate wealth and muscle and signed him on a 5-album deal in the mid-80’s. Neil, of course, insisted on full artistic control. And so he used this period to, how shall we say, experiment. He brought out a dull country album, a straight rock n roll record, and this weird vocoder stuff that sounded, well, at best, futuristic (though we still have not reached that future) and, at worst – nothing at all like Neil Young.

Anyway, the story goes that after the first LP was released Geffen said to Neil that he was not best pleased as the record sounds nothing like a Neil Young record. Neil responded, allegedly (or I made it up), with something like – No Problem Dave, I’ll put out another 4 just like it – then they will sound like Neil Young records.

Which brings me to the reason I call this post Transformer Man. It is a nod to the great @ukcybernaut Twitter buddy of mine – who is recovering from a double lung transplant. He tweeted and blogged about his life waiting for the op, right up to sitting in the hospital waiting to be sedated prior to the op. Had his daughter keep Twitterland updated as to his progress while he was in ICU, and is now back tweeting and blogging himself again.

Hey, I make it all sound so easy and matter of fact – I can assure you – not that I know – that this is one helluva feat. And Mark, for he has a real name, recently entered a “competition” to be recognised as a Golden Tweeter and came a highly creditable 3rd out of 183.

I suggested to Mark, that perhaps he should have considered a TRIPLE lung transplant if he was really serious about winning that competition but I don’t think he was too keen…

But it does give us transplant-type peeps something to shout about, something to publicise, something to help raise awareness about donating organs – so please do whatever you can to help raise awareness – even if it just means that you will pass on the details of my blog or Mark’s blog (Take a Breath and Say 99).

There are many many others waiting for similar operations – some, like @asu_juliette who has been waiting for 4 years.

And finally, Anita asks what the ooh wap wap in the link below means. Anita! I am shocked. Dismayed. Saddened. You know, if I didn’t know you better I may even have felt it necessary to explain to you – but not you… nooooo wap wap!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

Chopped Liver – Another Brick In The Wall

October 30, 2010

Hey, Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!

Yesterday I reported that none of my Rock n Roll heroes had died that day, as far as I was aware. However, I am reminded of a somewhat tenuous Rock n Roll passing recently – that of a Mr. Leonard Skinner.

Who he?

Well he was a gym teacher at a school in Florida in the 60’s and one day he took umbrage at the length of the hair of three of the scrawny kids in his watch. Mr. Skinner expelled the upstarts from his class – that’ll learn ’em.

Well it didn’t stop one of them forming a band, with a whole bunch of other long-haired layabouts, who decided to name themselves after their one-time gym teacher – and so was born the immense rock band – Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I went to see them in 1975 or 6 in Glasgow – at The Apollo – and boy were they good, and boy were they loud. They were the loudest band I had seen to date – My ears still wish Swans in London in the early 90’s had not taken that record – I have never seen so many people moving as far as they could towards the back of the auditorium – but it didn’t help – Swans was an aural onslaught of uncomfortable proportions.

But back to the Skyns – I’ll never forget Ronnie van Zandt’s orchestral manouevres with his arms conducting every single note – he was a great showman. It is a sad tale that shortly afterwards, half the band were wiped out in a plane crash.

Fry ys y frybyrd

I am not really big on guitar solos. But if you need to have one, then Freebird’s is one of the all time classics. That and Neil Young’s in Like A Hurricane. There’s a thing – Desert Island Guitar Solos – What’s your favourite?

Oh, and if you’re reading this on Saturday, then do check out the Indy on Sunday tomorrow – you might be in for a big surprise. And if you’re reading this on Sunday – all Hallow’s Eve – then the scary pic should surface today.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

Chopped Liver – Heart of Gold

March 7, 2010

…. Liver of crap…

it’s Sunday and I’ve been waiting all day for my call to go in – in prep for my week of assessment – I say waiting – I’ve had a packed day.

Took B and Weedy to a school friends 6 yr old birthday party that was a real success! It turned out to be an outdoor football party – nothing wrong with that except it was freeeeezing and Weedy hates football. So we left straight away in floods of tears!

And… eh, Weedy wasn’t too happy either.

We then went for lunch with Weedy’s friend Lo and that was nice but we had to leave sharpish to go to family tea with Weedy’s cousin – all this time I’m waiting for the call to go in – appparently there isn’t a bed free – v. popular this hotel.

The call comes – can you come straight away – so here I am on the tube on the iPhone on the way to the ‘ossy for the next stage.

tubes arrived. (train that is)

Ok – here I am – back in the ‘ossy. I have been assigned bed number 5 – is that significant? Probably not.

Haven’t seen the doc yet – not Smiler – just the ward doc – but I have been given my timetable for the week.

I am told that the reason I was given this slot so quickly is that the person who was originally scheduled to attend now doesn’t need to be assessed – hmmm, let’s move on.

So what have we got for tomorrow? 9:30 EEG ( brain scan to you and I ) 9:50 Edta gfr & bone density – this to test the strength of my bones – see if I have signs of osteoporosis yet – apparently there is a link. They stick in a cannula, insert some dye, and have a shufty.

I should exlain at this point that I have a fear of needles. Some might find this surprising given the number of the buggers I have had inserted on my arms over the years – but I do. Oh, and cannulas. These are big bugger needles stuck deep in and used to insert fluids. I don’t have good veins for this. I have to say that sometime in the near future I expect to undergo a liver transplant but, ladies & gentlemen, tomorrow I am having a cannula in my arm and I don’t mind telling you which of those two events I am looking forward to the least (till after tomorrow of course).

Tuesday – nothing scheduled till 15:00 when I have a meeting with the dietician – eat the right food is my guess. No chocolate. No cream cakes. No chips. No anything remotely appealing – but lots of boiled green things with no salt and less taste.

Wednesday – endoscopy. Oh jeez. I hate ’em. Hate ’em. Hate ’em.

Have you seen the size of these cameras? And the wretching. Jeez – almost, I say almost, as bad as a cannula!

We’d afternoon – social worker. What? I’ll find out, I guess. I didn’t honestly think I was being that cruel to Weedy – I mean he wouldn’t play the goddam football and it was bleedin’ freezin’!

Thursday morning – synacthen test or something like that – I don’t know. All I know is that there is a thing called the blood gas test that BEATS the cannula hands down – so painful they haven’t put it on the timetable – but I have a way round that one – watch this space.

And that’s it – all being wel….. Sorry that doesn’t seem the right phrase – anyway I should be home by Thursday in time for the next stage – which I shall affectionately call being “on standby”.

I am going to sign off for just now – have to see if this iPhone update actually works – oh and also when the phone rings I seem to lose everything o have written and not saved – and it is time to say lovey dovey nighty nighty things to Weedy.