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Chopped Liver – Lonely At The Top

January 14, 2011

Still coming to terms with being at the top – it has a certain status about it y’see. Usually it’s a good thing. One strives to reach the top. The summit. Second to none. The Daddy.

Top of the Pops.

So, if I was to have the transplant now – I’d have to find something else to be the top of. I’d have to start again at the bottom of something and work my way up – I kinda like being at the top.

But then again, when you’re at the top – there is nothing above you, no-one beside you – everyone else who is playing the game is down there – down below. And y’know, as the great Randy Newman once said, it’s Lonely at the Top.

Randy Newman. I was wondering whether to be grateful or angry with Randy. Grateful for the stunningly beautiful, witty, moving, simple songs he’s given us – see Sail Away, Louisiana (NineteenCanteen), Rollin’, etc etc – if you don’t know what I mean – check out his Greatest Hits, there’s some real gems there. But as is often the way, he never really got the true recognition I reckon he deserved, and with that the true remuneration.

So he sort of just disappeared from our radar.

Or did he?

You can leave your hat on

Did he ‘eck as like. He wrote incidental film scores for major Hollowood blockbusters that’s what he did – like the Toy Story trilogy, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, all the Fockers stuff and many many more. So who’s laughing now?

He’s given us more wondrous songs than most people in the world and now he is getting handsomely paid off – so I say, Good Luck to Randy Newman.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps

Chopped Liver – Birmingham

September 30, 2010

Birmingham, Birmingham – Greatest city in… Alabam.

Yeh, s’far as I know – not many songs written about Birmingham, West Midlands.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be there tomorrow. Regional meeting of thebestof. Now, what are the chances of getting the call during the day tomorrow?

Well, there’s a couple of answers to that. One is the real, logical answer. The other is Sod’s Law. But, way I see it is – both are ok.

You see, logically – why should tomorrow be any different to the previous 200 days? Except that, there is more chance of me getting called tomorrow than any of the previous 200 – because, well – they’ve gone now, haven’t they?

And then there’s Sod’s Law. I get the call precisely because I am far away – but that’s fine too. I’m only going to be a couple of hours away. It would be fine – if a little traumatic – but I wouldn’t be driving.

Oh, I dunno. What do you think?

All I know is that 10 hours from now I will either be on my way or still tucked up in bed…. now there’s a thought.

Y’see I am still in a lot of pain from the couple of falls I had last week. The leg has finally come out in a fantastic – in a massive kinda way – big purple bruise. And my inner thigh aches like buggery – I really cant move around much at the moment – it’s ridiculous. I could have gone to the doc, I s’pose – but I didn’t. And I won’t tomorrow if I go to Birmingham. And that leaves it till Monday – by which time it should have started to ease or not – so I should know by then.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.