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Chopped Liver – Psycho Killer

January 6, 2011

When I have nothing to say,

My lips are sealed.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps

Chopped Liver – Slippery People

September 21, 2010

I need to type this slowly… as it hurts.

My neighbour has been having her carpets cleaned. He offerred her a free rug clean. But she hasn’t got a rug.

So she phoned me and asked me if I wanted my rug cleaned for free.

I said, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Oh how right I was.

He came over to do the rug. He asked if there were any carpets in any of the rooms that needed doing. Well, as it happens, the staircase is pretty bad. And the landing. And the bedroom.

We don’t have carpets downstairs – just shiny wooden pseudo floorboards. While he was here I was on the phone and I went upstairs to check out what he was doing. As I was coming down I stepped off the staircase and onto the shiny wooden and VERY SLIPPERY pseudo floorboards – and the rest is… well, the rest happened in slow motion.

But, since I was wearing slippery slippers I went flying – upside down, inside out and landed on my back. Gawd knows what the person I was talking to on the other end of the phone thought – but he could certainly hear some screaming.

And I was in shock. I hit my femur (the top part of the leg – and the thing that caused my father’s demise 6 months ago to the day – and my wrist, my neck and the back of my head. And my iPhone!

But – nothing appears to be broken. As the adrenalin has subsided, my wrist is getting stiffer and more sore. It probably should get bandaged up – but I am not going to the hospital – not until I’m called.

So, thank you neighbour for my free rug clean – I’ll remember that for some time to come.

I was going to write about a fascinating story told to me by my good friend Sydney about a young girl and a liver transplant – now that would have been more topical for this blog – but it is going to have to wait… just for the time being.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.