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Chopped Liver – Five Years

February 9, 2016

Five Years.

You know, for the past few anniversaries I have thought about what song title to give my anniversary post. But I didn’t know a song called three years, or even four years. I do know one for seven years but, I always had in mind the one for five years.

It was easy. Bowie’s Five Years from Ziggy Stardust.


But now I just appear as another bandwagon-jumper posting about Bowie as if I knew him. What I will say, though, is how impressed I was, not only with his life, and how he created this larger-than-life mystique – but also his death. For someone so much in the public eye to engineer his mortality in the way he did was simply staggering. He fooled everyone – including all those who subsequently claimed to “know” him.

His final video – I thought, a bit reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s Hurt. Maybe that was his inspiration. Johnny Cash effectively told the world in that video – hey, this is the last you’ll see of me – but I’m going to be innovative to the end.

Anyway, enough of immortals, what about me? Well, there is news.

Firstly, my liver is behaving very nicely indeed. Results are normal, as they have been since the beginning. But the news is that those clever scientists have done a study, somewhere in Europe I think, anyway, they are continuing the trial over here – and it is to determine whether certain transplantees really do need to take their anti-rejection medication or not.

They have determined that a certain type of person, physical type, not mental or emotional, of course, can be weaned off the immunosuppressant drugs – they just have to determine who can and who can’t. So, I am going to be taking part in the trial, soon. It involves having a liver biopsy which will provide the doctors with the necessary indicators. They will then put me on a program of weaning off the meds, or not – depending on the results of the biopsy.

Needless to say, it would be fantastic to come off the immunosuppressants. They have long term side-effects – kidney failure, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and a host of nasty effects that usually reduce mortality in transplant patients. So, to come off the drugs would certainly be something to strive for.

The trial should start pretty soon – and this could change the outlook for transplant patients in the future in a massive way.

As they say, let’s rock n’ roll.