6 Underground

6 yes – as in, it’s been 6 years today. Underground? Not really. Although I did go in the Tube yesterday.

So, what to report? Well my liver is behaving normally – which is as good as any liver can behave.

I last reported on the LIFT immunosuppressant-free trial that was taking place throughout Europe over the course of the next 4 years. As you may have read, I volunteered for the trial and underwent a liver biopsy to determine my suitability.

As with all clinical trials they have to be based on 100% accuracy or there will be doubts cast – and so it was that a tiny amount of inflammation was detected in my biopsy sample and I was rejected from the trial.

Should I be concerned about this? Well, apparently not. After all, my liver is behaving normally.

So what now? Well, I believe the trial is still progressing without my input! So it means that I won’t have to undergo the immensely painful blood tests that I had to endure at the start of the trial. So, I’m happy with that. And it means that, once the trial is completed, in four years time, if my biopsy has shown the relevant biomarkers to indicate that I was naturally tolerating my new liver, then I may be able to reap the benefits of the trial after all. So, I’m happy with that too.

So, what am I not happy with? I am not happy with the fact that my wonderful consultant had felt so angry and frustrated with the NHS system here in the UK, that he has emigrated to Australia and has already noticed massive improvements in care there.

So, I have lost the care of a consultant who knew me inside and out which leaves me feeling a little uneasy. But it is what it is and I thank him for all he has done for me and I wish him well for his new life.

There you go – I resisted posting throughout most of 2016 and it is just as well – as you know, it was a pretty bleak year for people we know and love. I’ll leave with the memory of the death that affected me the most – that of Leonard Cohen. Yes Leonard, I did want it darker – but gee, not pitch black.


Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

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2 Comments on “6 Underground”

  1. Andrew Marsh Says:

    Hey David – great to read your latest post. Incredible how you remain so upbeat, but very gratifying at the same time. Yes, Leonard is a great loss, I was always a big fan. However, in truth, the Biggie who left us last year and who had the greatest effect upon me was the wonderful Bowie. Such a huge influence on me in my youth. Keep on keeping on fella 🙂 Andrew

    • davidkallin Says:

      Great to hear from you Andrew and thank you for taking the time out to reply. I hope TBO is still doing it for you – I still have so many mixed emotions about that time!

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