Chopped Liver – Diary of a Liver Transplant Patient

Chopped Liver – Diary of a Liver Transplant Patient

I am David Kallin. I have, amongst other fab things, a diseased liver. This is my diary about my road from receiving the news that I need a liver transplant to … well, as I write this I dont know where we’ll end up.

I am based in Hendon, London Borough of Barnet and I will try to inject equal measures pain and pleasure in the writing to give as accurate account of my journey as possible, to help me in a cathartic way, and perhaps to help you if you are interested in the topic.


2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Diary of a Liver Transplant Patient”

  1. terry Says:

    David a very good Blog agood read well link to web when i fill a bit bettr. hope you are feling well today all the best Terry Champniss

  2. Tanya & Anthony Silas Says:

    Dear David,
    We were really shocked to hear about your condition – we had absolutely no idea.
    Your blog is trully amazing and an inspiration – keep up the humour and we pray for your speedy and complete recovery.
    I don’t know about you calling my gorgeous cousin (thank you for letting her come to Israel so that I could get to see her) “B” (I wonder what that could possibly stand for!?!).
    Lots of love,
    Tanya & Anthony Silas

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